Botteborg Infodemic

The Digital world of botteborg is under a disinformation attack

A pandemic has reached the digital world of Botteborg! The online virus is spreading rapidly, infecting both citizens and access to information. What an infodemic! Trolls, conspiracies and strange reports. No one knows what to believe. But hey… plot twist: this is happening to you as well! Yes, you! The person reading this. DROG needs you to help us tackle this infodemic!

Join us at an exciting real-time webinar series on COVID-19 fake news. We have built the world of Botteborg, where you can take part in our four-week social media game experiment, conducted jointly by DROG and TU Delft. Discover what is happening in the troll world of Botteborg, while learning from the most prominent experts in the field of disinformation.


23-26 November 2020


15.00-16.00 CET